I am immensely pleased to know that N.V.POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE has become alma mater for many

of our young and future generations. Success starts with a thought or an idea when honourised with hope

and confidence, that idea sprouts, blossoms and leads to action with knowledge.

N.V.POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is a creation to impart and provide such a knowledge which is strength

and power to the society with the learning of the latest developments of the world to meet the growing

demand  for trained man power.

We are set to take the mission of implementing new education methodologies to enable quality learning.

It also encourages independent thinking and helps the student in developing wholesome personality so

that they can contribute their best to the society and the country. N.V. POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE  takes

keen interest in updating it's infra structures which provides an ambience that stimulate intellectual

thinking and academic interaction to meet the technological revolution and new challenges of modern era.