Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( EEE ) was started during the year 2008-2009. The EEE department has been established with the firm commitment of developing and producing quality Electrical and Electronic Engineers with high-technical knowledge and good practical basis, combined with leadership skills and decision making capabilities. The curriculum of the department of electrical and electronics engineering is therefore designed to impart the students consummate knowledge and skills for careers in wide range of industries. The courses for diploma program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering comprise of four semesters with three courses per semester. These courses typically include Electrical Machines, Electrical Circuit Theory, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Electronics, Measurement and Instrumentation, Transducers and Signal Conditioner, Power System, Special Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Micro controller, Electrical Estimation and Energy Auditing.

To be a Centre of Excellence in offering wholesome Technical Education and to bridge the Gap between Institution and Industry through Training and consultancy services.

We are Committed.

To provide value based engineering education

To enterprise our students in practical knowledge

To provide opportunities for higher education and industrial training

To empower our students to equip themselves  with the latest technology

To make our students to become a successful diploma engineer and a  devoted citizen


  • To disseminate technical knowledge through workshops, seminars and continuing education Programmes.
  • To develop consultancy activities for Industries.
  • To enrich knowledge and encourage the students to become entrepreneurs.